Robert Donovan in Double Your Pleasure (2002)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Love scene

The ubiquitous Donovan does yet another great love scene. This guy is showing up everywhere, and if you've ever harbored fantasies about the Professor on Gilligan's Island, well this guy should satiate your tastes!

Robert Abrams in Hot Springs Hotel (1997)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Various scenes throughout t.v. series

Cute little actor, but NEVER ONCE does this show let you forget it is all about the women. Each week about a half dozen women get buck naked for the camera, while Abrams--week after week--is the resident guy used to balance things out in the loosest sense of the term. While Abrams is very cute and nicely built, he NEVER does a single satisfying scene in which the angle isn't cheated or an obstruction isn't in the view of the nudity. If you are into women this show is for you. If you are into guys this is the WORST of the pay cable soft-core series. I would like to see Abrams in a nice, uncompromised nude scene, but this misogynistic show isn't going to offer it. After showing forty women naked by season's end is it so much to ask for that they show at least one man?

Reb Brown in Mercenary Fighters (1988)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000


Actually this is more akin to a public bathing scene in which Brown and troops must strip and bathe in a river for prostitutes. Brown is a gorgeous hunk, in his middle ages here, but looking better than most 20 year olds.

Reb Brown in SSSSSSS (1973)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Shower scene

Decent shots of hunky actor when he was relatively young. He is in the shower and is surprised by a snake. No, not the Freudian kind! ;)

James Russo in Freeway (1996)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Crawling out of bed

This scene was the precedent setter for the Russo Scene. I have named it this because it is the first of MANY times we see Russo do scant nudity by only exposing the top half of his butt with his shorts (in other cases pants) pulled down halfway. This kind of scene seems to be in James Russo's contract. Aside from the VERY DARK and almost undiscernable view of his bare ass in Storming Heaven, he never does full nudity, just a Russo Scene.

Ken Abraham in Creepozoids (1987)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Shower love scene

Beefy hunk has a love scene in a shower in which we get to see his beefy ass. Whatever happened to this guy?

Brian Evans in Book of Love, The (1990)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Humiliation scene

For the nudity record you only see the side of this kids butt. On the context side, I cannot rail against this scene enough! While I LOVE humiliation nudity I think it goes without saying the humiliation has to happen to a cocky hunk. In this movie four school bullies tie a scrawny kid naked to a cot and stick a large candle up his butt and light it. The whole scene is played for humor but since the kid is so small and the bullies are so big and mean it is without a doubt the saddest, most pathetic such moment I have ever seen on film! Worse yet, the boy is never given the slightest opportunity to get even with the bullies. Who were the producers trying to appeal to here? Since 90% of us WERE that skinny kid most of the audience just feels empathy not humor. I'd love to see a sequel to this movie just to see the kid do the same thing to these four bullies and even the score. How out of touch were these producers?

James Russo in Condition Red (1995)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Hot sex

Again, we get a Russo Scene, wherein the actor shows only the top half of his buns. Russo plays a prison guard who has hot but mostly covered sex with Cynda Williams' character.

Alan Arkin in Catch-22 (1970)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Showing up for military duty

Arkin plays the classic Yossarian in the too arty film version of the great novel. Arkin shows up for active duty buck naked to convince everyone he is crazy. We see his bare butt in broad daylight. In another scene he is sitting naked in a tree, but the nudity there is more suggested.

Simon Bossell in Hotel de Love (1996)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000


Bossel's character is caught having sex by his brother. He walks around the room talking to his brother with just a pillow over his crotch.

Andrew Bryniarski in Program, The (1993)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Taking an injection

Actor plays a college jock hyped up on steriods in this very hyperbolic film. In this scene he pulls down his shorts to give himself a shot in an amazingly muscular butt. The view isn't as good as it could have been, but this guy is stunning. Handsome as well as built like a rock. Keep an eye out for him.

Dennis Quaid in Gorp (1980)
Derek was written on January 3, 2000


Not much to say here except Quaid pulls down his pants and shorts to moon someone.

Stuart Fratkin in Valet Girls (1987)
Derek was written on January 3, 2000

Embarassment scene...without the embarassment

The intention of the scene is to embarass the character along with his two buddies. They are stripped naked and stranded on the Hollywood sign. however, since these are GUYS and NOT GIRLS the view of their embarassment is filmed from what appears to be a mile away. HONEST! You can barely even tell they are naked! for that reason the scene--which is supposed to cap the movie--isn't funny or effective in the least! It is yet another example of a movie with plenty of T&A from the ladies and deliberately and insultingly squandered opportunities in nudity for men!

Sean Penn in Racing with the Moon (1984)
Derek was written on January 3, 2000


A nice, rare (for a man) broad daylight scene wherein the very well built Penn strips down naked in front of ladylove, Elizabeth McGovern, and dashes into a lake. Wonderful scene. This is a very warm and underrated treasure of a movie as well.

Randy Gallion in Valet Girls (1987)
Derek was written on January 3, 2000

Embarassment scene...less the embarassment

Gallion is stranded naked on the Hollywood sign with tow other guys, but the shot so is so DISTANT you'd need a telescope to see them. It is worth noting Steve Lyons DOES do some nudity in this scene which is worth seeing.

Kevin Sorbo in Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994)
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

Embarassment scene

This WAS a scene for tv, so we have to be a little lenient. Sorbo as Hercules is posing for an art class in the nude. His private parts are concealed with a disturbingly large batch of grapes! We can see the sides of his butt and the top of his hips. A VERY cute scene.

Richard Gere in Beyond the Limit (1983)
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

After a shower

Just a very brief glimpse of the unshy Gere as he drops his towel after a shower to sit on the bed. this film is known in Europe as The Honorary Consul.

Clint Eastwood in Tightrope (1984)
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

Bondage love scene

Quite a surprise for Eastwood to a nude scene of this nature. The camera pans up his body starting as his feet and we get a slow pan of his bare ass. He is covered in oil and in the glow of a red light as he lays on top of a naked woman who is handcuffed to the bed.

Kevin Costner in Revenge (1990)
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

Coming out of bed

Brief view of THe Kev's butt as he crawls out of bed as though he had been hibernating.

Dennis Quaid in Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, The (1981)
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

Embarassment scene

Quaid is caught with the wife of a jealous man as Jim Croce might say, and must escape his hotel room naked carrying his clothes with him. He makes it to the lobby which is filled with little old ladies who watch the naked Quaid get dressed. A very cute embarrasment scene.

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