Robert Corbo in Last Rites (1988)
Derek was written on September 2, 2000

Caught by wife with another woman

The actor is seen humping another woman when his wife walks in on them carrying a gun. He turns to confront her and we get a surprisingly clear frontal shot (of course he is not erect). All the fun and games are ended when wifey shoots him in the gonzangas! That is the reason I don't give this one above three stars, because we do get a four star view!

Robson Green in Reckless (1984)
Derek was written on July 16, 2000

Love scene

Green is scene nude from the rear while his lady love embraces him. Green is of average build but has beautiful eyes, a handsome face, and a very rugged sexiness.

Mike Cerrone in Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Derek was written on June 26, 2000

Comic embarassment

A very funny scene in which the actor plays a cop who bullies Jim Carrey's sons. As a result they leave him handcuffed to a tree with his pants and shorts pulled down around his ankles and with--are you ready for this?--a live chicken stuffed up his butt. Well, actually it is just the chicken's head as the rest of the chicken is sticking out, fighting for freedom. You'll never hear the phrase "stuffed chicken" again without thinking of this scene.

One has to give the actor a LOT of credit for being willing to appear in this scene! For the record, the chicken was animatronic, so when the disclaimer appears at the end of the film stating that no animals were harmed you can believe it! ;)

Sean Connery in Zardoz (1974)
Derek was written on January 19, 2000

Skimpy loincloth

No real nudity. Connery runs around in a little, red, diaper shaped loincloth. This is all he wears throughout this entire bizarre movie.

Christopher Mayer in Hard Time (1996)
Derek was written on January 12, 2000

Taunting love scene

This actor who was famously used as a replacement for Tom Wopat in The Dukes of Hazard has lost none of his luster. He plays a villain in this movie, and in one key scene taunts John Bradley (in a halucination) by having sex with his wife. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess they used a body double for this scene. For some reason his face and the naked body are NEVER in the same shot, and there appears to be slight differences. In any case, whoever provided the body did provide a very good one.

Scott Carson in Testing the Limits (1998)
Derek was written on January 11, 2000

Love scenes, embarassment scene

The beautiful and well-built Carson has a couple of great love scenes in which we get ample footage of his lovely bare butt. In another scene he and his ladylove strip naked and he chases her around a cabin. They are caught by the two women who live there causing Carson to slightly put his hand over his exposed frontal. VERY cute and well executed shot and a rare uncovered frontal shot from an American actor.

Nick Corri in Tropical Snow (1988)
Derek was written on January 7, 2000

Interrogation, love scene

First seen stripped naked as police interrogate him. This scene could be much better, and would be if were about a woman. There is also a love scene with a minimal view of his rear. Gorgeous guy, but he stays covered too much!

Rob Garrison in Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: Educating Crystal (1990)
Derek was written on January 7, 2000

Embarassment scene

Scenario is cute and rather funny. Actor plays a surly rock singer who gets his when a group of women bodybuilders strip him naked and throw him onto the street. He is left trying to conceal himself.

Andre Gregory in Some Girls (1988)
Derek was written on January 7, 2000

Casual nudity

Middle aged, and not so well built actor plays a writer who prefers to wander around his big house in the buff. The house is always full of activity in spite of his state of undress.

Craig Stepp in Indecent Behavior II (1994)
Derek was written on January 6, 2000

Lovemaking for therapy

Handsome and game Craig takes a Stepp in the right direction as usual. He is in a lovemaking session designed for a woman's sexual therapy. The session is cut short and the Stepp storms off, but not before leaving a very well filmed frontal for us to enjoy. And trust me, this guy should be in the business of doing frontals, if you catch the hint!

Martin Hewitt in Endless Love (1981)
Derek was written on January 6, 2000

Before and during lovemaking

Seen through the door he is putting sheets on his girlfriend's (Brook Shileds) bed while her father talks to her. This scene is a statement on the end of the liberal Seventies approach to sex just as the Eighties were beginning. Her mother watches them make love in a later scene. This was Hewitt's big debut but his career never quite took off except in soft core.

Colin Firth in Playmaker (1994)
Derek was written on January 6, 2000

Shower, embrassment scene

Handsome Firth steps out of a shower to embarass a woman. In another hot scene she forces him to strip against his will.

John K. Wilson in Hollywood Passions (1995)
Derek was written on January 6, 2000

Love scenes

Hunky, long haired stage hand of a movie has a couple of love scenes. It takes forever for the hunk to get around to having sex inthis T&A fest, though.

Richard E. Grant in How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989)
Derek was written on January 6, 2000

Rear flash

He is naked except for an apron. His wife follows him up the stairs and we see his bare rear.

Nick Cassavetes in Twogether (1994)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Before sex, painting

Lanky Cassavetes is first scene wearing a blanket around his waist, which he drops to embrace his girlfriend for sex. In the seonc scene he is painting a picture while in the nude himself. ya' think he missed a detail or two in art class? Who cares? He's naked isn't he?!

James Marshall in Gladiator (2001)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Embarassment scene

Very cute scene in which Marshall is boxing Brian Dennehy, and Dennehy spins him around, throws him on the ropes, and jerks down his boxing shorts. Marshall is only wearing a tiny jock strap and we get a cute view of his very nice bum. Someone find some steady work for this guy!

Craig Stepp in Other Woman, The (1992)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Making porno, shower love scene

Two great scenes for this handsome actor you will most likely recognize from television commercials. In the first scene he is dressed as a cop and strips down and has sex with a woman in a chair (how refreshing; for a change it's the WOMAN sitting in a chair) as they are being filmed. In the second scene he joins the same woman later in the shower for lovemaking. Stepp has a fantastically beefy butt which the camera loves...and so will you.

Bretton Vail in Living End, The (1992)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Being prepared for spanking

Actors shorts are pulled down just before they are to be spanked with a tennis racquet. Actor is kind of cute, but this is an Araki film, so judge by your own tastes if this is a movie you want to see.

Michael Bal in Masseuse 2 (1997)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Love scene

Handsome actor shows up in movie to have sex with his girlfriend on the couch and is then never seen again in the film. No matter, we get nice views of his nice body.

Robert Donovan in Masseuse 2 (1997)
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Love scenes

The always game and handsome mid-fortyish Donovan does two love scenes in this movie in which we get to see his butt. In one scene he handcuffs his love to a desk and makes love to her. He plays a sherrif, his love is a madame. Can you say The Best Little Whorehouse in Los Angeles County?

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