Al Sapienza in Voyeur (2000)
Derek was written on December 11, 2000

Love Scenes

Beefy little actor shows his bum in a couple of well lit scenes. He's handsome in an offbeat way.

Sean Abbananto in Voyeur (2000)
Derek was written on December 11, 2000


A woman envisions Abbananto nude as he works at a health spa. This is all in her mind so he is seen in a glow. The camera tilts from head to toe as his hands are carefully placed over his frontal. He is then seen walking out of the room on the arm of the woman and still naked. Very, very cute scene with this lean handsome actor.

Bobby Cannavale in Sex and the City (1998)
Derek was written on December 6, 2000

While getting oral pleasure

Cannavale is standing while his pants and shorts are around his knees and he is getting a head job from Samantha. The shot is clear and well lit. It was rather a surprise to see such an attractive and mainstream actor doing such a frank nude scene in this show. "Sex and the City" pretends to be about giving women equal time yet it shows women nude much more often, and on the rare occasion it does show a man nude he is usually quite unattractive. In any regards it is a great show and Cannavale is very sexy in this.

Kyle MacLachlan in Sex and the City (1998)
Derek was written on December 6, 2000


Slow down! This is no frontal as you might guess. His wife catches him standing in the bathroom with his shorts pulled down and masturbating. Nice clear view of an actor in his forties but with the body of a 20 year old!

Gabriel Macht in Sex and the City (1998)
Derek was written on December 6, 2000

Love scene

Rather oblique view of handsome actor as he is on top during sex. The covers block the view for too long. It would be nice to get a clearer shot of this gorgeous rising star.

Jameson Parker in Bell Jar, The (1979)
Derek was written on November 28, 2000

Changing clothes

Parker is changing for bed and strips naked. As per usual for most male nude scenes the room is very dark. Such a shame. This was filmed when Parker was at the peak of his blonde beauty.

David Usher in Bedtime Stories-Episode: (2000)
Derek was written on November 28, 2000

Love making

First off, let's explain the "Bedtime Stories" pattern: 1) A couple sits on the bed with the man directly behind the woman. He strokes her breasts. 2) Next the man gives the woman felatio. 3) Now they have sex with her on top. 4) Now they have sex with him on top. This is how EVERY SINGLE love scene in this series is done with variation only given to the order of the last two components. In this sequence the gorgeous long haired David Usher goes through the routine and we see his lovely bare bum as he thrusts in sex. The angles are rather oblique--as they always are in this series--but better than most. Usher is a beaut to keep you eye out for.

Danny Pape in Bedtime Stories-Episode: (2000)
Derek was written on November 28, 2000

Love scene

See review for David Usher for the "Bedtime Stories" format in which all love scenes are done-and I do mean ALL. Pape resembles Tom Cruise and that is obviously no accident as they seem to play him up in that mode. He has two love scenes and we oblique angles of his bare ass in good lighting. He's very handsome and appealing.

Gregory Patrick in Woman Obsessed, A (1989)
Derek was written on November 28, 2000


Very strange movie in which a guy is tortured by his grandmother. He is seen only in tight white jockey shorts which are torn in various places in the back. He is very well built and handsome but he doesn't really do nudity.

David Rasche in Made in Heaven (1987)
Derek was written on November 20, 2000

Caught in shower

Rasche is taking a shower in a house being shown by a realtor and is caught. The embarassment context is okay but I would have preferred a more attractive guy.

William Sadler in Die Hard 2 (1990)
Derek was written on November 20, 2000

Martial arts au naturel

Sadler is seen doing martial arts exercises in the nude as he watches t.v. We get nice glimpses of his beautifully sculpted body and round butt. Sadler is a very handsome actor from New York theatre. He has a true masculine quality which should have made him a bigger name by now. He appears to be in his early 40's in this film, but has a body anyone any age would die for.

Joe Gonzales in Brain Damage (1988)
Derek was written on November 19, 2000


Beefy but average looking muscleman is seen showering while being stalked by the lead character who must feed the blood lust of a parasite in his brain (I don't make these up, folks. I just report'em).

We get nice shots of his butt, however the scene is rather limited.

James Hyde in Let's Talk About Sex (1998)
Derek was written on November 18, 2000

Sex scene

This movie's title truly is truth in advertising as the characters talk about sex a lot more than they do it. The ever handsome Hyde of t.v.'s "Passions" is shown in one of the film's love scenes and while he is nude you can't see a thing due to a well placed vase. Much to the credit of the filmmakers they don't exploit the women, either. However, Hyde's scene was a great missed opportunity.

Jack Scalia in Illicit Behavior (1992)
Derek was written on November 12, 2000

Sex in the kitchen

We may get a glimpse of the top of Scalia's bare bum, but the other shots are CLEARLY not of him. The double used here has beefy thighs and a round butt, whereas Scalia has very skinny legs and a skinny butt. The scene shows Scalia's character having sex with Joan Severance on an island kitchen counter. It is pleasurable to watch but the money shots are by no means Jack Scalia.

Matt George in Shame, Shame, Shame (1999)
Derek was written on October 14, 2000

Quirky confession

Professional surfer Matt George is confessing to a shrink in a most unusual fashion: He is standing in front of her stark naked wearing women's high heels. He is shown from the rear and front (which is why this merits a 4-star rating) but the shots are irritatingly brief and coy, par for the course for Zalman King who directed this.

George is exceptionally handsome and perfectly built and he shaves his head completely which oddly enough suits him. This film is otherwise worthless to fans of male flesh. Costas Mandylor is in the film but shows nothing, so don't be suckered into renting it because his name is in the credits.

Doug O'Keefe in Specimen (1996)
Derek was written on October 14, 2000

Alien arrives on earth sans clothes

The gorgeous Doug O'Keefe plays an alien who drops onto earth into a lake. He comes out of the lake stark naked and begins to walk around a small town looking for an alien bred man played by Mark Paul Gosselar.

O'Keefe is seen from the rear as he walks under a viaduct and again as he jerks a guy out of his truck and beats him into the viaduct wall for his clothes. As in "The Terminator" this naked guy finds another guy who is wearing butch leather clothes that fit perfectly.

O'Keefe is amazingly gorgeous and has a body that is simply breathtaking. A very good actor he should be seen a lot more in the future. And let's hope for some more nude scenes!

Andrew Jackson in Specimen (1996)
Derek was written on October 14, 2000

Alien comes to Earth sans clothes

Very handsome actor plays another alien who has come to earth to help the title character who is being stalked by the other alien played by gorgeous Doug O'Keefe. Jackson is seen nude from behind only briefly as he takes something to wear from a clothesline.

Michael Dietz in Charmed (1998)
Derek was written on October 14, 2000

Transformed from an owl

Using an idea from legend (and a similar subject for the film "Ladyhawke") Dietz plays a guy who is turned into an owl part of the day. As an owl he is cornered by a cat and then turns into a man before the very eyes of the women on this show. Fortunately owls don't wear clothes and so neither does Dietz when he is transformed into a man. He is shown crouching and completely nude. He is seen at an angle and from the side very, very briefly. Of course this is television and not much can be shown, but what a delightful surprise for the viewers of the appropriately named "Charmed!" Let's hope for more cute guys caught under such spells in the future of this show!

John Pankow in To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)
Derek was written on September 26, 2000

Locker room nudity

In his zeal to go behind other posters and contradict their correct reviews the previous post failed to realize he was posting the review for William Peterson under John Pankow whose penis is nowhere in sight. This is a casual lockerroom nude scene.

D.W. Moffett in Joe's Wedding (1996)
Derek was written on September 16, 2000

Embarassment and tied up

The bad news is this movie was made for televison. The good news is this movie was made for CANADIAN television, so it does show more than a puritanical American production.

Gorgeous Moffett is kidnapped by a woman and tied up naked. In one scene he escapes naked. In another he is a part of performance art while nude. All in all a very witty scenario in which Moffett's character is often embarassed by his nudity. Moreover this lasts for about 40 minutes of the movie!

The Canucks sure do a better job with these things than we Yanks! Keep up the good work up there, guys!

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