John Bradley in Hard Time (1996)
Derek was written on September 28, 1998

Love scenes

Tall, handsome, blonde Bradley has a couple of love scenes which show his well shaped ass and nicely built lean body. Nice hairy chest for those into that.

Gary Sweet in Indecent Obsession (1985)
Derek was written on September 28, 1998

Beach scene, love scene

Decent shots of the side and curves of Sweet's ass, but never a really good shot from the rear. For Aussies to be so uninhibited, Sweet works hard at revealing nothing.

Dan Gauthier in Excessive Force II (1995)
Derek was written on September 28, 1998

After love scene

Gauthier crawls out of bed nude to walk to a dresser and grab his pants before putting them on. Nice, well lit shot of his well formed ass. Gauthier's nudity is ALWAYS a welcome sight!

Greg Vaughan in Poison Ivy: New Seduction (1997)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Love scene

Handsome stud has love seen with bad girl. Nice rear views, but we could have seen more of him.

Richard Grieco in Tomcat: Dangerous Desires (1993)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Bedroom scene

Grieco is in bed with leading lady. Both are nude, however, we see everything she has, while we must rely on oblique angles of Richie's tush. Misogynistic Hollywood!

Richard Grieco in When Time Expires (1997)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Nude in public

Grieco is an alien who arrives on earth naked; Terminator fashion. He is standing on a rock with his back to us in a fairly distant and fairly brief shot. He is seen by Cynthia Geary, but there is no embarassment context. Grieco has yet to do the good, close up, clear view nude scene he is so meant to do, and now he's getting a little out of shape for such.

Jason Beghe in Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear (1988)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Sitting on floor doing exercises.

Ditto for Murray's review. Beghe is incredibly attractive, and by doing exercises in the nude it is apparent the director was reaching for some titilation. It would have been nice to have seen him stand up! Still waiting for this actor to do an uncompromised nude scene.

John Enos in Bullet (1999)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Toweling off

Nice rear view of Enos as he towels off in front of a mirror and talks to Mickey Rourke. And, no the mirror does not reflect a frontal shot for those who were curious.

John Enos in Red Shoe Diaries: Naked in the Moonlight (1993)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Shower scene and love scene

Nice shots of Enos' entire body (less frontal) as he is watched in an open shower. Great pans of his muscular ass as he makes love to the leading lady. Surprisingly uncompromised shots of actor from Zalman King who usually concentrates on the actress.

Alton Butler in Blonde Heaven (1995)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Love scene and Forced to strip scene

Hunky actor with beautiful bod. In first scene we get uncompormised shots of his ass while he makes love. In second scene he is forced to strip down by a commanding woman in a male whorehouse. Nice but not overstated embrassment context. He leaves on his crew socks and conceals his frontal with a cowboy hat. All shots are well lit and clear view. Can't wait for more from this gorgeous actor with a cute Southern accent.

Steve Mateo in Vice Academy Part 3 (1991)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Caught dressing

Handsome Mateo is caught naked by Ginger Lynn Allen and cohort as he changes clothes. The shot is clear and well lit as Mateo is a little embarassed to be caught bare assed. There should have been more of him in this nudie flick, but--as usual--the women must do at least a dozen nude scenes apiece.

Costas Mandylor in Fatal Past (1993)
Derek was written on September 23, 1998

Love Scene and Fight Scene

Mandylor does lengthier nudity in this flick. First he has a love scene by a pool. In the afterglow he must fight off two guys while he is still nude! The scene carefully (and illogically) avoids a frontal, but Mandylor is incredibly sexy in a a fairly uncompromising scene.

Trevor Goddard in Inside Out (2005)
Derek was written on September 22, 1998

Back shot of actor

Goddard is a beautiful Aussie specimen who shows up nude to make love to the commander of a spacecraft. He is her android lover. Scene is a bit brief, but well lit. There is some additional nudity (albeit briefer) in a love scene.

Scott Plank in Red Shoe Diaries: Accidents Happen (1992)
Derek was written on September 22, 1998

Love Scene

Plank pulls up his pants after realizing he was making love to the wrong woman. Scene could have show more, but Red Shoe Diaries only focuses on the women.

Scott Plank in Saints and Sinners (1996)
Derek was written on September 22, 1998

Threesome love scene

Plank's rear is seen in overview. Not as much is made of threesome situation as could have been. Plank is yet to do the great nude scene he should, but he's getting closer..

Dan Gauthier in Illegal in Blue (1995)
Derek was written on September 22, 1998

Love Scenes

Everyone was holding thier breath to see Gauthier nude, and he really delivers in his first naked outing! Many luscious shots of his buns; he thrusts, he pumps, his buns are deeply caressed. This is a great video with great shots of a real hunk. Rent the Unrated version. The R-rated version (also shown on t.v.)cuts a lot of his nudity, and with Gauthier that shoud be, well, ILLEGAL.

John Richardson in Broadcast Bombshells (1995)
Derek was written on September 20, 1998

Standing nude with back to camera (2 scenes)

B scenes are quite similar. In one Richardson stands up nude after sex. In the other he strips down for a woamn just before sex. Both are clear views and unobstructed, but could have lasted longer. For S&M fettishists, Richardson has a scene where he is in bondage, but nothing is shown and there is no activity.

John Richardson in Bedtime Stories (2008)
Derek was written on September 20, 1998

Love scene

Richardson is simply beautiful, and his gorgeous bubble butt is seen (too briefly) in a love scene.

Wesley O'Brian in Carnal Cruise (1997)
Derek was written on September 20, 1998

Various love scenes

Very handsome actor shows his beautiful bum in several love scenes.

Wesley O'Brian in Scandalous (1800)
Derek was written on September 20, 1998

Nudity in a couple of love scenes

O'Brien isn't shy as he is seen nude (from behind) in different sexual positions, including standing.

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