Frankie Cullen in Sexy Wives Sindrome (2011)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

While beefy and handsome Frankie Cullen has never been timid to show his body, he is never explicitly nude in this film. The camera cheats the angle at every turn and assures us that the women are given near gynecological exams, while the men could be shown on in these states of undress on your local news program without raising offense. Terrible, terrible movie. Look for Billy Chappell and no one else.

Jason Sarcinelli in Dangerous Attractions (2010)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

Massive hunk, Jason Sarcanelli, looks fantastic and is pleased to share. In his every love scene he boldly shows off his beefy ass and fantastic body. Always sexy, always hot, always worth the price of admission, his love scenes in this make the film quite worthwhile.

Jason Sarcinelli in Sexy Assassins (2011)
Derek was written on June 4, 2012

Love scenes

Jason Sarcinelli is an unsung hero--and hunk--of the soft core world. He's a beefy blond adonis with a handsome face and a muscled body. In this production, he has a standard issue Skinemax love scene, which means that the camera focuses mostly on the woman; the guy spends most of the time pleasuring the woman; the woman is in the dominant position. Of course those last two are a bigger fantasy than this show's sexual escapades. Nonetheless, Sarcinelli does show off a wonderful big ass and a great bod all around.

Matt Barr in Hatfields & McCoys (2012)
Derek was written on May 28, 2012


Gorgeous Matt Barr plays Johnse Hatfield, a mountain Romeo to Lindsey Pulsipher's Roseanne McCoy, a mountain Juliet. While romancing Pulsipher's character, Barr convinces her to go skinnydipping by stripping naked in front of her. We get a distant shot of the hot, lean blond hottie from a distance before he jumps into the water. Not bad for a TV miniseries, much less the first foray by The History Channel.

Michael Scratch in Lingerie (2009)
Derek was written on May 26, 2012

Love scenes

Michael Scratch is a handsome hottie with a great body and a rocking ass that he shows rather frequently in this series. In one love scene he is between two women and has his legs scissored in two directions, exposing his perfect butt. Well worth checking out.

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother (2011)
Derek was written on May 26, 2012

Posing nude for artist

Handsome Rudd sports long hair and poses nude for an artist but is positioned so that we only see the side of butt while he is sitting on the floor. In another scene he is shirtless and lying on a bed with a woman and a naked man who are seducing him for a bisexual experience. The character acknowledges that he doesn't go for men, but kisses the guy to avoid hurting his feelings. Sweet movie and likable character, but nudity is a missed opportunity.

Dylan McDermott in American Horror Story (2011)
Derek was written on October 5, 2011

Under a spell, masturbating

The gorgeous Dylan McDermott has been one of the sexiest men in Hollywood since the late 80s, but he has never done a single decent nude scene....until now. In “American Horror Story” he plays a man who moves his family into a creepy home in Los Angeles, where we learn that it is not uncommon for him to be caught under the spell of an unknown spirit that leads him to all things that use natural gas--stoves, fireplaces, etc. I just report this stuff. In his first nude scene in the pilot episode, the spirit causes him to leave his bed fully nude and go to the fireplace. The camera follows him downstairs and gives us ample views of his beefy butt. In a second scene, Dylan exits the shower with just a towel in front of him (not even wrapped around) and then he is distracted with a specter in one of the bedrooms who is a beautiful woman fingering herself. Again, I just report... This so stirs Dylan that he is seen a moment later, alone, masturbating. This being TV we get only a back view, and it's a hell of a back view! At 50 he looks as good as he did at 25, and gravity hasn't pulled that glorious ass down one little bit. Matthew McConnaughey had better get to doing serious nudity in “Killer Joe” and “Magic Mike” or he will lose his mature, hunky exhibitionist title to McDermott. Looking very forward to more of this show!

Chris Evans in What's Your Number? (2011)
Derek was written on October 1, 2011

Naked in hallway

I will back up what Ghostwords aptly summed up for us. Evans is fully naked and the camera deliberately plays the angle to cheat any nudity from the actor. It's as ridiculous as the spoof of such a scene in Austin Powers. A banister is used to block any real nudity. Can anyone tell me just what is the point of an R-rated comedy in which the actors are shown less naked than what is allowed on network TV, especially when they are standing their completely sans clothes? It's okay to dissect a woman's sex life and even hint that she's a slut for doing as men do, but to show nudity would somehow be inappropriate?

Ryan Kwanten in True Blood (2008)
Derek was written on August 28, 2011

Embarrassing Dream--Episode: "It Hurts Me Too"

The ever sexy Kwanten is playing the every sexy Jason Stackhouse, who has decided he'd like to be a policeman. After falling asleep in his truck, he has a dream that he is trying to take the proper exam and everything is surreal. The scene ends with the Sheriff asking him "Where are your pants? He hears laughter and looks around at the rest of the classroom, realizing that he is missing his pants and underwear, standing in front of everyone. It is a pert, perfect but in a great scene, and cements why audiences insist that Kwanten reveal it as often as possible.

Dillon Casey in M.V.P. (2008)
Derek was written on July 23, 2011

Humiliation in the locker room--Episode: "Cover your Man"

Casey plays hunky star player Trevor Lemonde. At one point in this episode, one of the team board members--a middle aged woman--enters the locker room and demands to see if the new star is worth the money, and she jerks off his towel. We see his fine rear as he makes a quick grab for it in complete embarrassment. This is an excellent humiliation scene!

Dillon Casey in M.V.P. (2008)
Derek was written on July 23, 2011

Hazing from other players--Episode: "Two for Interference"

The sexy Casey must be initiated into the team. He must endure a humiliating trial in which a rope is tied to his cock (not shown) that is connected to a hanging bucket. Then the players toss hockey pucks in the bucket to see how many he can tolerate. A fight breaks out and a team medic (a woman) pulls him away from the crowd to tend to his rope burns. We see his ass in nice views.

Dillon Casey in Being Erica (2008)
Derek was written on July 23, 2011

Dropping towel--Episode: "Till Death"

Casey plays the hot boyfriend of the title character. On the day of a friend's wedding they are getting ready for it. He has taken a shower and sits around the table with her while they talk. After they are finished he walks out of the room, but not before throwing the towel back at her and giving a very brief glimpse of his cute ass.

Eion Bailey in Language of the Enemy (2008)
Derek was written on July 16, 2011

Having embarrassing wound tended to

Strikingly handsome and underutilized Eion Bailey plays an American who goes to Israel and is caught in the middle of conflict. He is shot in the shoulder, which the sister of a friend tends to. Then, having seen that his phone, in his back pocket, was shot through, she realizes that he has a wound that he is not telling her about: he has been shot in the butt cheek. He lies on his stomach while she pulls down his pants and underwear to reveal his bare buttocks. The wound is small, and the rest of the view is wonderful--round white butt with a small amount of hair. She is interrupted by her brother who is shocked to see her standing over his bare ass. She shoos her brother away and tends to his wound. This happens in the first 30 minutes of the film.

Bradley Cooper in Bending All the Rules (2002)
Derek was written on June 22, 2011

Humiliation at the hands of an overzealous cop

Before Cooper was famous, he made this low budget indie that was originally titled "Carnival Knowledge," since the female lead (played by Colleen Porch) discusses her childhood, learning to grift at the carnival at which her father worked. Cooper is in a love triangle with Porch and handsome TV star, David Gail. At the 1:17 point in the movie, Cooper and Gail have been hauled in for fighting in a bar and punching a policeman. Another angry cop forces the two men to strip bared-assed naked for a future (and unshown) delousing and cavity search. They are shown undressing, but the scene quickly cuts to them being naked. We get a very clear, well-lit, but far too brief view of their beautiful bare asses. Cooper has an athletic build, with a round, shapely butt that deserves to be shown in every film he is in.

David Gail in Bending All the Rules (2002)
Derek was written on June 22, 2011

Humiliation at the hands of an overzealous cop

David Gail is one of the great unsung talents and hunks from Hollywood in the 90s and 00s. I've been a huge fan (and had a slight crush on him) since The Round Table in 1992. He plays very likable boyfriends with great appeal and personality, and it doesn't hurt that he is strikingly handsome. He should have been a much bigger star. In this film, Gail is in a love triangle with Colleen Porch and Bradley Cooper. After getting into a fight in a bar, Gail and Cooper are taken to the police station for hitting a cop. A different cop forces them to strip buck naked as he plans to delouse them and give them a cavity search. At 1:17, the two men strip quickly and we get a rear shot of both of them looking spectacularly naked in good lighting and a clear angle. Gail's ass is masculinely square, plump, undimpled, flawlessly curved and hemmed in by a pair of spectacular hips... it just doesn't get any better than this. One of the all time great male asses shown in films. He needs and deserves a role in a better film that lets him use his warm talent and appeal, and which gets him naked early and often.

Mike Begovich in Hard Pill (2005)
Derek was written on June 19, 2011

Relenting to get a blow job

Beefy and hunky Mike Begovich plays the straight stud in this film about a gay man (played by Jonathan Slavin) who takes a pill that will allegedly make him straight. Begovich is an understanding-yet-horny friend to the main character. While visiting Slavin early in the film, he decides to allow his friend to give him a blow job. The handsome actor stands up and drops trou and underwear and then lets his friend go to it. We only see him nude from the side, and a little bit of his butt as the camera is at seat level. There should definitely have been a full nude scene for Begovich in this film, but as usual, producers of gay films completely forget what their target audience would like to see most. Begovich is exceptionally sexy and should get a lot more offers, and will soon, and hopefully will give us a nude scene worthy of his beauty.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in Franklin & Bash (2010)
Derek was written on June 2, 2011

Brashly walking naked through party

About halfway into the Pilot episode of this TNT series, Mark Paul Gosselar plays a handsome lawyer who knows how attractive he is. While at a party, he is in a hot tub with others when his assistant from the law firm comes to him with information. He stands up to review the information, and we see the top of his hips. He then gets out of the tub completely and begins to walk through the party bare-assed naked, when another assistant embarrassedly hands him a towel. He thanks her, only to put it around his neck and continue to walk through the party naked and wet! The man is 37 and looks 30, and his ass is one of the most amazing asses caught on film. He looks better here than he ever did in his 20s. A well lit, long lasting shot of a great rear. One of the best nude scenes to come along in years.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in Weeds (2005)
Derek was written on June 2, 2011

Rough sex

In the episode "Gentle Puppies," Mark Paul Gosselar plays a bartender who goes with Mary Louise Parker to have the kind of hot sex that only two people with three names apiece could possibly have. He throws her over a counter, strips her down and spanks her, but for male nudity fans, she undresses him and we get wonderful shots of his pert, round ass as his pants come down and he thrusts in her. Scene is much talked about and could only be viewed as shocking by mainstream Middle America, but at least it is sexy and uses a hot actor.

Colin Egglesfield in Something Borrowed (2011)
Derek was written on May 8, 2011

Regretful morning after

Egglesfield's character wakes up in bed with Ginnifer Goodwin's character, though he is engaged to her friend, played by Kate Hudson. The two of them leap out of bed with covers over their fronts. We get decent side views of Egglesfield's beautiful body and butt. However, the scene is, like so many wasteful American romantic comedies in the past decade: unnecessarily chaste and innocent to the point of being naive and insulting at the same time. American filmmakers want to make movies about sexual mores and then make them so bland and sexless that you're left wondering what is the point? They show a couple committing adultery, but they conceal them as if the nudity would be the more offensive aspect. You'll get the same plot and and just as much "naughtiness" out of a Lifetime movie, so don't waste your money on this one at the theater nor on DVD. Wait and see it on Lifetime in two years, when your remote can give it the editing it deserves. A total wasted opportunity and total yawner of a film.

Shawn Roberts in Black Rain (2009)
Derek was written on April 11, 2011

Public nudity

The strikingly handsome and perfectly built Shawn Roberts is in the Canadian woods camping alone. He plans to bathe in the nude in a nearby river. Just as he has removed his towel he is surprised by other campers. He keeps his back to the camera, and his perfect round butt is on excellent, well-lit view. A beautiful man with a beautiful body and the only good thing about this movie.

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