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2001 Wet Hot American Summer 2 Reviews

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1997 Oz 10 Reviews

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Oz (1997)
Ryan was written on August 17, 2000

Season 4, Episode 6, "A Word To the Wise"

Absolutely incredible episode for fans of Meloni and male nudity in general. This guy is very hot and he has two full nude scenes here. First he's shown urinating in solitary. It's shot full on, nothing is hidden. Extremely daring for a mainstream actor. Later he's seen nude going into the showers and seconds later there's a close up of him clenching his fist, with his penis clearly visible in the shot, which lasts for several seconds. This episode is an instant classic for male nudity (it also features a frontal shot of sexy co-star Dean Winters). Don't miss it!

Reno was written on January 21, 2001

Frontal and rear in shower; inside cell

Gutsy Christopher Meloni has finally shown us every inch of himself. Near the end of the "Revenge is Sweet" episode, originally aired on Jan. 21, 2001, he lowers his briefs, exposing his ass, mocking fellow inmate Beecher, then -- get this -- goes one better, spreading those sculpted cheeks. Incredible. But before that, about 45 minutes into the program, he shares the shower with handsome actor Brian Bloom who, elsewhere on this site, was described as only willing to share a side view of his unclothed body. Well, that's no longer the case, because his impressive buttocks were featured quite prominently alongside Meloni who, in addition to showing off his famous ass in the scene, faces the camera, offering an unobstructed view of his pecker.

Botviewer was written on April 7, 2005

So many nude scenes in the series that it's difficult to choose a favourite

Meloni the Magnificent. Not only is he one of the handsomest American actors with or without clothes - and in his 40s - but there seem to be no limits as to what he will bare when the script calls for it. Not only does he show every inch of his body at various times, sometimes in explicit closeup, but he actually urinates in one scene (no faking or body-doubling seems possible or likely to be demanded by CM) and bends over to part his cheeks in a very rude and pleasing moon at another point.

Derek was written on January 15, 1999

Various: Shower, solitary confinement

Meloni is one of the bravest actors out there. He does two great frontal scenes. In one he is being hauled off to solitary confinement. In another he is in the shower. Nice shots of his ass, too. This show has guts!

Russmicjack was written on February 23, 2002

"Impotence" Episode

This guy is unbelievable. What a hunk with balls! Towards the end of the show you see him taking off his pants in front of Sister Peter. He's got a penis to die for, not to mention the rest of his body. His penis is nice and thick with really big balls. The shot lasts for a few seconds. You definitely want to rewind this one and play it over, and over, and over... I love this man!!!

Guiseppe was written on July 4, 2007

Chris is lookin sweet in episode

In the episode Revenge is Sweet, Christopher decides to be very nice to the audience by giving us the anatomy of his gorgeous, muscled body. He enters into the shower room and immediatley wips of his towel, showing us a sideview of his perfect bubble butt. He then heads towards the also fabulously naked Dean Winters who also shows of a beautiful, plump butt. So there standing there for a while, showing off an equal amount of cheekage until Chris decides to turn around and give us a breathtaking full frontal. Christopher's endowment is what we call perfect. It has a perfect shape and size and is not too long nor too short. His balls are hairless and perfectly proportioned. HE IS A GOD!
But, and i say but ironically cuz we get more butt in this episode. During a night scene, Christopher decides to insult a fellow neighbor. He stands up on the bed and pulls down his wighty tighties, giving the audience a gorgeous upclose butt shot. BUT THEN, his hands casually slide along his cheeks and spread them open wide for the world to see. The area of which I'm speaking off is daunting and hairless. Christopher truly is the perfect male.

Wrecks was written on April 1, 2005

A full minute of penis

In the Oz episode subtitled Losing Your Appeal, Chris Meloni appears full frontal in the shower for probably a full minute.

Wrecks was written on April 1, 2005

No stopping the flopping

In the Oz episode subtitled Strange Bedfellows, Chris Meloni is thrown nude into solitary confinement. Lots of video of his privates flopping around in this scene. His character has an odd smile on his face after laying down on the bare floor of the cell. Makes you wonder what he was thinking about as he lays their naked.

WickedBoi was written on July 29, 2002

Short fat one (& big balls)

This sexy, charming, good-looking actor has two hot nude scenes in this episode. In the first, he’s standing up pissing into a bucket in the hole - a graphic urination scene for those who get off on that. And later we see him in the prison showers and get to admire once again Keller’s handsome pecs, muscular arms and full, taut round butt. He also has a cute dick - quite short, but thick, chunky and cut, with a huge plump ballsac. Mr Meloni has fat melon balls indeed. This dude’s bollocks are so big they look positively swollen!

Guiseppe was written on August 16, 2007

Chris(Never Shy...EVER)

Christopher Meloni continues to top the list of the most bravest actors out there. In the episode, A Word to the Wise in Season 4, Christopher has a compilation of great nude scenes. The first is when he is in the hole. The camera decends upon Chris who is clearly pissing into a bucket. Not only do we get a terrific sideview of his meaty member, but he's actually peeing. Now that takes guts! The next scene is a shower room scene. We see through the relfection of the mirror Chris enter frame and rip his towel off, exposing his wholesome bubble butt for a split second and his admirable endowment. He then walks under the showers and begins to clench his fist. The camera pans down and his penis and balls are in superclose up for at least 6 seconds. What a treat!

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
gr7 was written on August 16, 2003

a very nice way to show everything

a very nice way to show everything

Ozzie700 was written on January 19, 2002

Ass in Apron - DVD

In a deleted scene on the DVD for this gay-friendly, amusing film (watch for the scene between Bradley Cooper and Michael Ian Black!), Chris asks people going into town to bring back parsley. He turns to leave, and as he's walking away, you realize he isn't wearing anything under his apron. Watch as his cheeks bounce while he walks away. His legendary ass is exposed on the big screen for the first time. According to the director, Chris himself improvised this scene. Thank you Chris for never being shy!

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