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Jurassic Park (1993)
Ghostwords was written on November 28, 2011

Point of fact

As several people here have stated, the film was released in 1993 (not 1997, as one reviewer claims). Ms Richards was born in September 1979, so was 13 during filming (and was still only 17 for the majority of 1997, not 18). Even if there was some accidental exposure of her upper torso - and the evidence seems that there wasn't - this feeding frenzy does not reflect well upon certain of CNDb's contributors.

If_Ics was written on August 4, 2001

There's Nothing There!

You see nothing. OK. This has been debated endlessly on the Net, complete with massive flamewars, of which I've been apart of, so take it from me, this has been proven countlessly in the past. You see nothing. Once, it's Joe Mazzello's elbow, otherwise nothing. At nearly 13, Ariana was simply too young to have anything seen. It's just not there. You see the upper chest. Girls around this age have nothing noticeable to see. It's just her body postiion, giving the illusion that you're seeing something, plus her shirt hanging out loosely.
To parody slightly from that great Dexter's Lab ep done in Opera format (La Boheme or such):
You: Oh mutitalented actress, what have you got there?
Truth: Nothing. Nothing. You only see air.
You: Don't I feel silly for thinking less than best.
Truth: It's really just her chest.
In otherwords, nothingof the sort is scene of Ariana in Jurassic park, and it's a 1993 movie where she played 1 year old (give or take 18 days.)

roymunsen was written on March 19, 2005

still a child

jurassic park was released in 1993 so that would make her 13. and no there isnt anything visible and if there were i wouldn't really be that interested.

Alphonse was written on July 11, 2001

i'm not sure, but i'm not sure i want to know

Well, I think "Senator" is right . . . there's something going on in this scene. Ariana turns around to look back at one of the park employees, and as she turns you can definitely see something that looks kind of like it might be a breast and a nipple. She's wearing a sleeveless shirt, but from my perspective it loooks like, if it is a breast, it's strangely too close to her armpit. Suffice to say I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at, but if it's a tit, it's a strangely placed tit. Anyway, despite "Senator's" reassurance, I felt dirty looking at this little girl's breast. Anyone else want to chime in?

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

do you actually see nipple or not?

If you do it is amazing!!
This girl is not as young as she looks, actually, she is about 5 years older at the time of shooting that her character is, and that is a feat for someone as young as her...

anyways, the scene I am talking about has her in the car, they are just infront of the T-Rex paddock for the first time, and they people just put up the goat for it to eat... is it just me, or when she turns around to talk to the lawyer with her and ask him "what is the goat for?" she leans forward and you see her right breast, nipple and all, when her shirt leans forward... I have paused it, and I am pretty sure I am not just hoping and making it up for myself... I am surprised no one else has seen this and I had to enter this movie myself... see if you agree...

MovieDuder was written on March 15, 2005

Breasts visible in car and kitchen

When the t-rex walks arround the car, Ariana leans over in the back of the car to get the flashlights. At that moment, you can clearly see both of her breasts, because her shirt is quite loose.
Also, when the velociraptors attack in the kitchen, she crawls on the ground and you get very good look at her breasts.

Azarule was written on March 16, 2005

Confirming the Nipple

The previous reviewer is exactly right, her shirt does fall open to expose a breast at that point in the movie. For anyone wondering, Ariana was actually 18 in 1997, when Jurassic Park was released.

ut1stgear was written on November 28, 2011

T Rex down blouse

I've seen Jurassic Park more than once and didn't catch this until about the third time.

At full speed it is hard to see but in slow mo and pause it is clear that Ariana isn't wearing a bra in a great down blouse shot of her. As she turns to look the window of the vehicle her top drops down. The shot is out of focus just enough to not get clear detail but you see both breasts with just a hint of nipple. The two stars is because the shot is not completely clear but it definitely is there.

Done from memory but what a memory it is.

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